Our Philosophy

    • Mobile and web-based products meant to help people live more healthfully emphasize tracking, analysis, information, and prescription.  Through our collective experience in working with, studying, and testing new technology products and games on this audience, we have found the biggest need to be in motivation, not knowledge, analysis, or recommendation.
    • Major products that attempt to transform daily movement into something fun and motivating can be found on game consoles, like the Wii of Kinect.  Mobile & social apps like Nike Plus and Runkeeper emphasize tracking and running inspiration, but they reward the act rather than building a game around the experience.  Other apps focus on tracking and prescribing a particular workout plan, such as Fitness Buddies or Couch to 5k.
    • Our segment is larger than the fitness or running segments typically attracted to applications like Nike Plus or Fitness Buddies.  Other apps do not include enough of the key elements to truly impact sustainable motivation.  They’re not fun.  Mobile Adventure Walks focuses on fun to reach and engage the largest audience.
    • For more information about our philosophy, see our op-ed piece about the application of Positive Psychology into games and in Mobile Adventure Walks:



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