About the Team

    • Julie Price, CEO is an expert in product management, psychology, UX, and game design.  Julie analyzed fitness center members to evaluate their needs around behavior change products.  Her designs and tests evaluated different interactions and game-mechanics that would attract people who want to move more and eat healthier.  Wharton MBA.


    • Ernie Medina, Chief Wellness Officer. Dr. Medina has been a preventive care specialist, focusing on lifestyle medicine, since 1993.  In the games for health network, he is known as the “Exergaming Evangelist”.  Clinical assistant professor, Loma Linda University.


    • Aaron Dence, Chief Creative Officer is an expert in exercise physiology, fitness center management, and marketing strategy.  Aaron has decades of experience inspiring people to improve their overall health using one-on-ones, group training, technology, and games. ACSM health and fitness specialist.


    • YetiZen is a startup accelerator program focuses entirely on game studio and platforms startups. Shinobi Labs is in the fall class.

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